Create Your Own Mother's Day ECard


Mother's Day is just a few days away, your mother lives somewhere throughout the country and you haven't sent by mail a greeting card to her yet. Shame on you! You may still get it there in time if you act rapidly but you still have the headache of selecting a blah, ho-hum card from the store. Why not email her something that is a bit more personalized?


Take a charming photo from your childhood that evokes a fond memory and build an amusing cartoon dialog to it. Thing you desire to do after discovering and opening your picture image is click File => Duplicate so the original is maintained.


Next, Alt+Ctrl+I to resize the image so it's easy to see on a computer screen. I selected 700 pixels for my width. Double-click on the Zoom tool to view your document at 100 % (actual pixels). Get interesting information about Custom eCards from .


Include the Cartoon Bubble


Go to the Content scheme and double click a cartoon talk bubble shape to build to the new layer. With the cartoon talk bubble now in the brand-new layer, click and drag a corner deal with to size it to your photo. If the tail of the cartoon bubble deals with the incorrect method, click and drag one of the side deals with till the image turns horizontally.


Let's add a stroke to the cartoon bubble. Ensure your layer with the cartoon bubble is still picked. In the Effects palette, click the Layer Styles button and double-click the thumbnail you want to apply to the shape. I utilized the Black Stroke at 2px.


Include the Text


In the Layers combination, click the New Layer button. I made use of a font style called Digital Strip which has a cartoon look. Hold down the CTRL secret while you click and drag the text to align within the cartoon bubble.


Go to File => Save for Web and choose JPEG as the file type. This conserves the image in a compact file size, good for emailing or publishing on your Facebook page. Your mother will actually value the individualized greeting and your procrastination winds up saving you a couple of dollars.




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